Friday, 8 January 2016

whatsapp is now our basic needs?

Today’s world is dealing in four basic needs rather than three i.e ‘food’, ‘clothing’, ‘shelter’ and

‘whatsapp’. Social networking is now a powerful tool to deal with any of the topic. For this whatsapp is

used massively by almost 900 M peoples across the globe. These daily need of our is now providing us

various features and we can use this feature for business, at college an many other places. One of the

feature of whatsapp loved by people most is “whatsapp status”. This gives all of us the privilege to share

our status and this status includes many of our working processes for ex. “At home”, “At gym”, ”Battery

about to die” etc. Beside this many of the people prefers various type of whatsapp status in Hindi and Marathi.

Many of the people usually try to impress loved ones by putting filmy status. Love status for whatsapp is

now very famous to express love feelings to their soulmate. Along with putting filmy whatsapp people

also put some emojis with it to make the status attractive. This emojis includes variety of range including

hunger, angry, laughing, crying etc. this bring individual in comfort zone and provide facility to express

feelings in depth.

Like love status for whatsapp many other things of whatsapp are becoming viral day by day.

Whatsapp provides feature such as making group of our friends, cousins, colleague etc. It is a best

platform for discussing about various events and sharing various images, videos related to work. Along

with doing all this activities day by day most of the peoples are habitual to change their whatsapp status

as per their current work. If someone is not in contact from so many days than we all usually check their

status by whatsapp status. Many of us using this status field to show various feelings like love, sorrow,

win, lose, angry etc. The trend of putting profile picture of the person whose birthday is there in our

contact and along with the profile picture status about birthday boy/girl is also put by us. For all this

purpose many of us searching various cool status, attitude status, love status and sorrow status. For all

of this the best way to find all types of status is Various features like easy access to various

categories of status, search option for easy finding of status and user friendly interface. So explore best

status among your contacts and make your surrounding joyful..!!

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